In November 2010, a colleague and I went to Negros Island, known as the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines, to film a part of a documentary about land reform in this country of 7,107 islands where so many people still suffer from feudal bondage. We travelled home after five days and saw to it that we stop by a local souvenir store to buy presents for friends and families we would be returning home to. Our flight was delayed by an hour so I decided to open and munch a pack of “piaya” I bought while I waited. It wasn’t the first time I have eaten that Visayan delicacy made of crusty bread and rich caramelized sugar as my paternal family hails from the neighboring province of Iloilo where it is also produced and sold as souvenirs. But as I my tongue tackled its gooey and crunchy sweetness that evening, it wasn’t just the good old treat that I tasted. To last for too long in my memory is the aftertaste of the rancid flavor of the island’s biggest irony. That for a land literally blanketed by sugar, it is rife with bitter realities and memories.



  1. chudiso · February 18, 2014

    Ganda ng mga photos mo sir

  2. luisitawatch · April 20, 2014

    mahusay ang mga larawan, sana ay maaari itong gamitin sa online at independent publications ng mga manggagawang-bukid. the nat’l federation of sugar workers (NFSW) & AMBALA of hacienda luisita are both members of Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura or UMA. ang UMA ay isa sa mga convenors ng Luisita Watch. padayon!

    • sakukongliwanag · April 21, 2014

      Maraming salamat. Please feel free to use the photos. If photo credits will be made, please make it under Southern Tagalog Exposure. Padayon!

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